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You are more than your capacity!

We know a capacity has a maximum amount but it doesn't mean nothing else can be added to it. Depth can be added to capacity.


The term ‘challenger deep’ describes what is known as the deepest part of the ocean. With a similar name, our company is committed to assist individuals, companies, and organizations use their existing skills and resources to deepen their capacity to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

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ChallengR Deep is a service-based enterprise designed to help individuals and companies develop their ideas or concepts into services and products. Some services include Cybersecurity planning and awareness.

ChallengR Deep also promotes Diversity Equity and Inclusion amongst women and girls. We use a framework called The Ellison Model, which seeks to move the individual from Diversity to Unity to build inclusive communities. 


ChallengR Deep also supports a number of initiatives. One dear to us is the WIN (Women in Interim) Initiative. It seeks to steer non technology women towards a career in cyberseurity.  We also support the Kids for Kids International Foundation in Miami, Florida. 

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Cybersecurity Planning


An essential tool for any organisation looking to protect its people, processes and technology.

Cybersecurity Awareness 

Expert Guidance in Cybersecurity Awareness using Behavior Science

Women in Cybersecurity

Why we think women and girls should choose a career in cybersecurity


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for women in the workplace

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion must be a pervasive cultural responsibility sourced from the heart and mins, but it is futile if the heart is in a state of dis-community.

ChallengR Deep provides a prescription to achieving true community for DEI

Diversity Equity and Inclusion is a pervasive responsibility sourced from the heart and mind. This can only happen when the individual looks within him/herself, as conflict resolution is a unitary process. ChallengR Deep prescribes The Ellison Model to bring the individual to a state of community.

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